Project 3650: Items 48-59

Gotta rush out the door to walk the dog and get a haircut (hooray) but I’ve got to get my daily purge in.


First on the block are five bags of organic, homegrown peaches (TAKEN). We’ve got some very productive peach trees that we can never keep up with. I can’t stand to see them go to waste so this year I blanched, peeled and froze a bunch of them … and they are still in my freezer. I didn’t toss in enough lemon juice so they turn brown quickly (hence the most disgusting looking Bellini cocktails ever when I pureed and added them to champagne, but they tasted delicious). I usually make frozen pies and coffee cakes with them but I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume. Lonny encouraged me to freeze them for smoothies, but let’s be honest, I hate smoothies. I’ll leave them in the freezer for a week if you want them, otherwise the chickens are getting them.

Also up is a really nice green tea and white pear Slatkin candle (TAKEN) that was a very thoughtful hostess gift. However, since my whole house caught on fire in 2003, I’ve been rather jumpy around open flames. Lonny’s a princess about scented stuff, he can’t stand it. Don’t even get me started on him and flavored coffees. It’s still in the wrapping.

There’s a dog training thingy that when you press it the dog winces (gotta get that away from the boys), a styrofoam head that I used to make a wig for a Halloween costume, and a couple a mini tapes. One has the trailer for Bambole on it (a really cute Italian film) but I digitized it years ago and the other may or may not be a Kristen Ulmer sex tape. Enjoy!

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