Project 3650: Items 34-47

13 things I don't need.

13 things I don’t need.

Lonny got all excited about me selling stuff. He shoved a kid’s jacket (never belonging to either of our kids) and was like, “You can sell this!” Not so fast. He can dig out of his own pile of shit (with two helpers I might add). This is my project, and it’s a labor of love. He’s also afraid that I might embarrass him by exposing how much stuff is in this house. I’m not sure what to say about that. I don’t want to shame him or anything, but I would like to see him take a harder look at his acquiring habits and give some thought to whether his current plan for moving his “inventory” is adequate.

But this isn’t a blog about him, it’s a blog about me and my quest for sanity. I believe in my heart that if it weren’t for my constant vigilance, this house would be very difficult to live in. That said, I got 13 choice items for you today. This day is pretty busy and I didn’t already have my eye on what I wanted to purge, so this motley assortment is stuff I grabbed that has been lurking around so long that it’s become almost invisible. Almost.


I made both of these pieces in pottery class. The tall, white piece is very nice but there is a crack at the bottom and it will fall apart. The blowfish was a collaboration with Alana Mace. She threw the base and I made the fish. It dried out quickly and I was unable to attach the spikes so the result was mediocre at best. I painted and raku fired it but was never happy with the outcome. It’s lived on my porch for a winter and now it’s time to go.


We have upstairs tenants that leave food in the space after they leave, nut butters are very common. Lonny had a hissy fit last night about the natural style peanut butter tearing up his bread so I’m feeding it to the chickens.


Leaking water bottle, speed rope (unopened) random red wine glass given to me by a neighbor, tangram game (unopened), and shock collar remote that Lonny bought as a joke for Frank. No, we never used it on him and we don’t know where the collar is. This is typical of Lonny, he sees something that tickles him so he brings it home (usually it costs less than a dollar). It’s like giving someone an ant farm as a joke and it ends up breaking and causing an infestation.


I was leaving Mexico last year and had some pesos in my pocket. I searched the gift shop for something to spend them on and got this rasher of Chicklets. I’m never going to give these to the boys. I also got a panda that poops candy.


This is very hard to get rid of. My friend Marie Rodgers taught English in Japan and sent me random “Engrish” items. We still aren’t sure what it does. This baby is free to a good home.


God, I love the Japanese!


Incase you were wondering what’s in it.


Casey is really into 3-D art projects. He agreed to let me recycle this piece as long as I took a picture of it.


A guardian?


I dig the way he stands out.


I hate squishy toys. When I step on them in the dark it feels like I’ve stepped on a dead mouse or a cold turd. We don’t have a pingpong table. This little sacs are nice but they never fit back into their pouches.

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