Project 3650: Items 1-34


A train case full of power cords and connectors.

I’m going to start big and small at the same time. I’ve got a very nicely labeled train case full of defunct power cords and computer connectors that – given the amount of dust – have not been touched in a really long time. I tend to keep the cords with the devices so chances are that none of this stuff is relevant. I also have a couple installer CDs that, even if they were current, I could download on-line. So I’m going big because I just knocked out 34 items in one fell swoop (BAM!) but that’s also stuff that is totally out of sight, out of mind. It doesn’t hurt at all to let it go.


You can tell by the dust just how often I crack this treasure trove of electronics open.


These could be yours!


Well that’s weird. I have only ever had one shuffle, yet I have two (actually three) chargers.


This goes to a PalmPilot I bought in 2000. Should I throw it out? You never knoooowwwww.

I’m posting this lot on eBay for a week, after that it’s going in the trash. Let me know if you simply must have this load of crap.

Really? No way.

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