Happy New Year!

It’s the new year and there is nothing I would rather do than kick a great big bag of junk to the curb, but alas, I am in LA. Our friends threw a party and almost everyone who came had kids. Of course the kids outlasted me. I fell asleep on the couch trying to […]

Taking A Break

With a day to pack and ready the house, I and the boys hit the road to go to LA with stops in Grand Junction and Salt Lake City. It felt like high-time for a vacation. Prepping the house for our absence is a big job, especially since James and a friend’s sister will be […]

Project 3650: Items 999-1006

I broke 1000 items today and it hasn’t been a month yet! If I keep purging at this rate I will have to think of a new name or cut my project short. I think there is value to doing something for an entire year, as far as retraining one’s brain is concerned. I’m kicking […]

Custody Battle (Items 964-998)

My mother left today; all-in-all it was a successful holiday. We have a tough time together but I have learned to cope with humor. Margaret Cho made a whole career out of talking about her dysfunctional relationship with her mom. I’m going to need some distance before I can start seeing this Christmas as funny, […]

Project 3650: Items 942-963

My mom, bless her, arrived with a box full of food from various Houston asian delis. BBQ pork, pork pot stickers, shrimp and pork dumplings … it was at least 20 pounds of pork. Her heart is in the right place and the guys weren’t complaining. Me? I stay away from meat whenever possible. I’m […]

Project 3650: Items 904-941

This under-sink purging was done while naked and wet! I ventured there after showering because I needed a Q-tip. The horror. Why put off until I’ve gotten dressed what I could do in the buff? There is plenty of stuff still under the sink, incase you were wondering. A microfiber turban, a lariat I made […]

Project 3650: Items 872-903

It’s two days before Christmas and my mother-in-law is seriously disturbed by the fact that the boys run around inside with bare feet. They have socks and slippers galore, they just don’t wear them because THEY AREN’T COLD! But Anita is having a major panic attack over it and has been hounding me to take […]

Project 3650: Items 823-871

My mother-in-law is simply the best; I don’t know what I did to deserve her but I’m not asking any questions. She has endless energy for the boys and played board games and read to them for hours … which allowed me to stress-test my scanner. My office doubles as a dumping ground second guest […]

What Lonny Really Needs Are More Bowls That Don’t Stack

I’ve been picking the worst possible times to photograph, usually when the light is low, but this a sampling from the most recent kiln firing. The pieces in the back are porcelain with a Dinnerset glaze. One is a large pasta dish and the others are more of my plates. These seem to break easily […]