Fear and Self-Loathing on the Road(trip)

I believe in the power of positive thinking. I also believe that most people usually have nothing but the best intentions when it comes to taking care of their bodies. However, there are certain forces that exist in this world that can derail even the most virtuous. It is a force so evil, so powerful, that […]


Note: My last few posts have been about food. I’m not on a food kick right now, I just discovered some unpublished pieces I wrote for another website. Waste not, want not. Not too long ago I switched to a largely plant-based diet. This is after experimenting with just about every other “diet” out there […]

Cleansing, My Way

Living in Boulder you simply cannot avoid “doing” a cleanse at least once in your life. It is sort of a rite of passage, like shaving for the first time. My first foray into cleansing was when I was 21. My boyfriend and I got it in our heads that we needed to detox our […]

Stiff As A Board or Things That Go Poop In the Night

It’s five in the morning and I’m up blogging. Why? For one, the stupid dog slipped the fence yesterday and stole a rotisserie chicken from the crazy guy painting the house. He ate it, bones and all. The last time he did this (it was a pound of carnitas, not the Halloween candy, as I […]

Marley and Me: Taking Class From Lara Michaels

I’m on a roll these days with workshops. Kudos to the ever connected Sasha Viers, she’s been networking like crazy these days because a couple of weeks ago Estée Zakar taught a technique class and yesterday Lara Michaels, of NYPD (that would be New York Pole Dancing) taught two workshops back-to-back. Now that I’m over […]

A Fresh Perspective with Estee Zakar

I’ve been taking pole dancing lessons for ten months now exclusively at Boulder Spirals. On a few occasions the girls have loaded into Leslie’s giant car and trucked down to Denver for a workshop with a visiting artist or taken classes at Spirals with someone from out of town. I’ve usually hung back from these […]