Spin Control

Now that I’ve got several classes of Spinning Pole under my belt, I’m feeling a little bit more optimistic. The first time I took the class I felt way out of control and freaked out. I think I’m on my fourth or fifth class and it’s starting to get fun and I actually feel kind of pretty doing it.

I think I have a pathological fear of amnesia because I am the person who is always videotaping everything. I must document everything because what if I hit my head and I forget how to do an ice-skater spin? Wouldn’t that be tragic?

I don’t know if I am annoying Shawneen by videoing the classes, but I figure that I am providing an invaluable service to the studio. After all, she tells me to release my top hand and I’ll be all, “YOU release your top hand!” But then when I watch the video of myself, I can see exactly what she’s talking about.

Also in the video are Joe and Conrad, two of the most adorable guys around. I love it that Boulder Spirals offers mixed gender classes. Aside from the one time I was hating on all the men in my life (and there are lots of them but not in the way that sounded) and I was sooo excited to go to the one place I wasn’t going to see a man, the pole studio, and there they were, which was great, except one of them left the toilet seat up (consider this your only warning, fellas). That was not cool, but they are so cute I can’t stay mad at them.

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