June 2012 Pole Routine

Notice how you can barely see my feet in this picture? That’s a good thing.

It’s been several weeks since the White Rabbit party and I told myself that if I didn’t video my pole routine now, it would be lost forever. Whether it deserves to be archived is highly debatable, but I figure it might be interesting to see what I looked like when I was just starting out (I’ve been doing this about six months), hopefully from the future vantage point of being completely awesome. I imagine it will be like looking at the first mug I made in pottery class which is tiny, weighs about ten pounds and has the ugliest, grittiest glaze ever.

My fellow instructor, Stacey Mulvey, shot it at Boulder Spirals, the studio we teach for. I wore the BodyBind over nude panties and pasties for the party. I tend to go for lyrical music and choreo paired with a skanky outfit. The studio version is much more PG.

At the time I choreographed the piece, it felt pretty badass to me. I had not yet mastered the cross-ankle release, or the inverted butterfly and I had never even learned how to do a chopper. Now it seems rather rinky-dink. It is difficult for me to watch this video, all I see is what I did wrong, how clunky my transitions were, how my feet weren’t pointed AT ALL in my ankle spin, how my Showgirl climb looks like I’m hauling a broken leg up the pole… Sigh. I’m going to chalk it up to being a good learning experience and be grateful that the public performance took place in near dark.

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