Look What the Cat Dragged In

The best part about living in Boulder, in my house, is the random stuff that seems to happen on a regular basis. Today Lonny was at the pharmacy down the block when this pretty girl wiped out on her skateboard. Not one to flee from the incident, Lonny brought her home for me to fix […]

I Can’t Cry But I Can Write

How to start? I feel like I’ve been holding all this close to me so long that I don’t know how to let it go. I’ve had a year of tremendous loss. A grandmother, an uncle, an aunt, a friend, a father-in-law, an elderly couple I considered family. All of them departed this earth in […]

My Giant, Neurotic Dog

I got Blue about two months ago when an acquaintance from work put out an desperate plea for help. She fosters dogs for Big Dogs Huge Paws, a rescue organization dedicated to finding homes for large breed dogs that have been “surrendered” to animal shelters. She was going out of town for a week and […]

Level 2 Routines: July 16, 2012

I’ve been teaching my Level 1 and 2 Skills classes for several months now. Since my Level 2 class ended I’ve only being teaching the beginning class once a week. I decided to pick up other people’s classes because I was never going to complete my apprentice hours at this rate. This happens to be […]

June 2012 Pole Routine

It’s been several weeks since the White Rabbit party and I told myself that if I didn’t video my pole routine now, it would be lost forever. Whether it deserves to be archived is highly debatable, but I figure it might be interesting to see what I looked like when I was just starting out […]