The Journey!

Out of the blue I got an email yesterday from my friend’s totally hot husband. It said, “I need you. Call me.” Um okay.

Then my phone had a message on it from him that said, “I need to talk about you pole dancing for me today. Call me.” I was kinda excited about his first message, not that I would answer the call of the booty with my friend’s husband or anything, but it’s nice to be noticed. The second message filled me with dread. He’s doctor and I was afraid he was going to ask me to pole dance in the ER for a friend’s bachelor party or something. I am so not into that. I was already formulating a nice way to turn him down while I dialed his number.

Imagine my disappointment surprise when it turned out he wanted me to be in a video. Jeff owns a cycling apparel design company and a friend of his posted a photo of him riding his lawn-mower bike. He looked so dorky in his helmet and the thing went viral. Wanting to cash in on its’ popularity, he came up with the idea of a video of him riding around Boulder on his mower bike and running across all kinds of random stuff happening.

So watch the video, that’s me at 1:27 walking my giant dog, Blue, and at 1:57 busting a move on the flagpole near my house. The funny part was when he asked me to do multiple takes. He was like, “Do you think you have it in you to do that again? I don’t want you to hurt yourself” and I’m like (eyes rolling), “You mean do those two moves again? I think I can manage.” I think I finally earned a little respect for my poling sisterhood that afternoon.

There was a broken cleat on the pole and it was a little tricky to work around it. I told Jeff that if I cut my leg open poling for his video, he would have to personally sew me back up. And I demand pain meds.