Tuning It Out



Last night we had a dress rehearsal at 303 Vodka for our White Rabbit Black Light party. We are wearing black light reactive clothing for the show so we wanted to see how the outfits look under the light and how it photographs. I overdid it in rehearsal the day before so I had been babying my arms all day. I intended to show up, dangle my outfit in the light, mark my routine and go home. Instead I arrived to a very busy bar and all the other gals were in costume and ready to perform. Also there was a bachelor party on a brewery tour. Imagine their delight.

I sat in a nearby chair and attempted to tune out the noise around me so I could go over my routine in my head. (Note to self, bring an iPod and headphones.) Between each performer someone wiped the pole down with a rag sprayed with alcohol. This is to remove any oils left on the pole from the previous dancer’s hands. This keeps the pole grippy and is a courtesy to the next dancer. What I couldn’t tune out were the incredibly rude and obnoxious comments coming from the bachelor party like, “Yah, you better disinfect that pole. Use something strong, like Clorox. Heh heh.” (Insert high-five) Seriously, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

So I have to get this off my chest.

1) I can hear you, we all can. We are feet away from you and just because we pole dance doesn’t mean you have license to be douche-bags.

2) We are hard working women, mothers, wives, many with advanced degrees and all with “legitimate” jobs. We are not whores or prostitutes, as you seem to be implying.

3) Neither are we diseased and your comments are deeply offensive.

4) We pole dance to have fun, be with friends, be creative and stay in shape. If it makes you feel uncomfortable or all weird, perhaps you should see someone about that.

I get that pole dancing illicits this type of response. I don’t have to perform in public if I don’t want to hear random misogynist talk but I like performing with my studio mates , especially FOR A CHARITY FUNDRAISER. I can understand how total strangers would feel okay about objectifying someone they don’t know, but I also endure snide remarks at the gym and the occasional slip of the tongue from well-meaning relatives  and it stings.

I deeply appreciate anyone who has is able to talk to me about it with an open mind and maybe even try it. It’s harder than you can possibly imagine. They usually walk away from it with an appreciation for the amount of commitment, creativity and athleticism that pole dancing requires, whether you are a mom, career woman, college girl, or stripper. Your choice of vocation has no bearing on how hard you have to work to be a good dancer.

So fella, keep your fucking mouth shut, or else I’ll find your fiancé and invite her to take class.

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  1. Great writing, Viv. Sure wish I could have seen the performances. I’m envious of the strength you have and the shape you’re in. You go, girl.

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