Space Etiquette For Dogs


Here’s the thing, my dog is big and he’s timid. Blue is a two year-old Great Dane that I got from a rescue organization. He’s sweet as can be but he’s HUGE and if he tussles with another dog it gets scary. Fast. If he barks, you might just poop your pants.

We have no idea what he’s been through so it is always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to introducing him to new people and animals. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it now that he’s in a stable and loving home, but I want to be careful for now.

He’s got this sweet face and floppy ears that people just want to touch. When a kid comes running to him and I say, “Please don’t pet my dog, he’s aggressive/hostile/unpredictable.” they get this scared look on their face, and I hate that. He’s not a bad dog, it just isn’t a good idea to approach any animal that way. Ever.

So when people ask if my dog is friendly, I say: YES! HE’S GOT HERPES!” They give a nervous laugh and back away. They also get their kid out of there ASAP before they have to explain what herpes is to a 5 year-old. Problem solved.

PS: Thanks to whoever created this illustration, I found it on Facebook.

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