Poisonous Mushrooms


He’s sleeping with the dogs, even if he lives.

This is Lonny.

We have been together over a decade.

We have two small children that need us very much. Both of us.

But for some reason Lonny thinks it’s okay to find a mushroom in the woods, take it home, check the internet to see if it isn’t poisonous (because the internet is never wrong), AND EAT IT!

He maintains that they taste delicious. Well duh. Everything tastes delicious when you sauté it with butter, garlic and salt.

He’ll probably be fine because he has an annoying way of making really good guesses, but still. Does anyone know if intentionally ingesting a mushroom you think isn’t deadly (but actually is) qualifies as an accidental death? Cuz I might need to know.

I’m divorcing him if he feeds them to the kids, even if they are okay.

Really? No way.

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