You’ve Got To Listen To That Voice In Your Head

Progressive Series Day 3 (but really 4)           Friday, March 23, 2012

I missed out on last week’s class because I crashed and burned on my kid’s razor scooter. Even though that little voice in my head was shouting Don’t Do It at the top of its’ lungs, I thought I’d shave a little time off of Casey’s pick-up at school by riding. I’ve done it before plenty of times but this time I seriously ate shit. Luckily I escaped with scuffed handbag (it took one for me), bruised palms and a sorely smarting ego. No pole for me.

Then I went away for a few days vacation in Mexico which gave my wounds a chance to heal. Back in the studio after what seemed like an eternity, I was lethargic and nervous about what I had missed. I don’t like getting behind on my homework. Sasha was not much better off than me, or so she said (she says she’s off but it doesn’t show), wracked with allergies and all hepped up on antihistamines. You wouldn’t know it by the class, though, it seemed to have swelled in the past few weeks. I recall five, maybe six people in class, but this week we were nine. The vibe was friendly and chatty, like we were all picking up where we left off last week rather than trying to surreptitiously remember each other’s names.

I wasn’t sure what I had missed and was anxious to catch up. This usually translates into going a little too hard. Sasha picked up on it and advised me to “soften my approach”. The truth is that hard and faster doesn’t mean better, it just means more bruises and tough landings. It also means sweaty palms. How on earth do people do this in New Orleans or Houston, where it is hot and humid?

We started off with side climbs. I sprung my quad a couple days ago playing softball (embarrassing) which made it hard to do. Or that might just be my excuse for sucking so completely at it. It was challenging for almost everyone and I was relieved when Sasha said with a laugh and a wave of her hands, “Okay, enough of that!” We moved through a couple versions of Sail Spin and a body spiral around the pole. The Pirouette Spin felt almost impossible and I was happy to get just a brief taste of it.

However, I nailed the pike press into a headstand. I do headstands in my yoga class from time-to-time so it isn’t new to me, but I am a little skittish about doing it onto the pole, mostly because I am afraid to commit to it when I’m unsure where the pole is. Sasha stood on the other side of the pole from me and guided me into it, step-by-step, with her hands. Then I tried it on my own with her just there for moral support. I flowed right into it, easy as pie. I guess all those hanging crunches have paid off. It feels good to have something come easily for once.

Also, that lethargy I felt walking into class evaporated once I got upside down. I forgot about babying my quad and my tingly shoulder and just got into being in class again. A few days on the beach helped me rest up but it’s time to get back into it. Sasha reiterated how important it is for us to practice, practice, practice. She can show us the technique but it’s up to us to get it in our bodies, especially when, and I quote,  “All of you are going to be in the Spring Showcase.”

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