Shooting With Elizabeth Lee Cantrell

I started artist modeling when I was 19 and at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My mother is a fine artist and I remember being a child and knocking around the halls of the University of Utah Art Department while she was in class. I often caught glimpses of nude models posing for classes which made it seem natural for me to do the same when I entered college. One day I got a call from the main office, telling me to show up at a certain room at a certain time for a photography class. The teacher was a young graduate student named Elizabeth Lee Cantrell. That was over 20 years ago and we maintained a friendship over the years, she is now a professional photographer on the East coast with her own studio: The El Studio. Since then I’ve been the go-to gal for anyone who needed a model to do “arty” (i.e. nude) photos. I’m game for anything as long as it doesn’t feel exploitive or pornographic. When I got a message that Elizabeth would be in town and wanted to shoot, I was ready. We had an amazing session at Boulder Spirals. She continues to inspire me and bring out the very best in me, even if it means being sore for days afterwards.

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