Rockin’ the Groove Shop


I’ve been poling at Boulder Spirals for a few months now and know from personal experience that you can’t bust tricks all the time. Not unless you are Sasha Viers or Dirdy Birdy or any number of elite pole dancers. That ain’t me. However, you don’t have to do amazing tricks to look fantastic and a little floor work can really make the few tricks you do know look great, maybe even stretch out your routine for the full length of a song. After my last free-style session where I felt like I was surreptitiously cribbing my classmate’s moves, I decided it was time to get my game on.

Thank God for Shawneen. I showed up at her Groove Shop class a couple weeks ago in the middle of her “Rack City” piece and gamely picked up as much as I could. There was a serious amount of stripper moves in that dance, stuff I don’t even know the name for but I think one was called Butt Clapping. Shawneen said she saw it in Atlanta, where “real black people live”. What the class didn’t have much of were spins (other than the relatively tame Girl On Top and a Basic Back Hook). This is good. With my aching biceps and twingy shoulder, I wanted to give the strength moves a break and learn about being sexy.

Shawneen is the first person to tell you that she wasn’t raised “black”. She shouted, “Oh, it’s my other boyfriend!” when a Justin Timberlake song came on for warm-up and when the “Rack City” lyric went, “I got your grandma on my d!@$” she just shook her head and said, “That’s just wrong.” She is seriously funny. I was happy to show up at the beginning of a new dance last night, with that oh-so-grindy song “Going The Distance” by Cake.

I’ve got a decent dance background, having been in an amateur, but very busy, dance company for seven years way back when. I’m not great at making up dances but I know how to learn. Shawneen taught us a full half of the dance in the 40 minutes we had after our warm-up. Girl had us on chairs, up high-stepping around the pole in the air, on our backs, you name it. It was seriously fun and way challenging. I can’t wait for next week when we finish and video-tape it. I promise to link to it!

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