Planks, Cradle Spins, Hangs, Oh My!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Something has shifted in my pole class. Between last week and this week we have started doing crazy-cool tricks. Maybe it’s because everyone is getting so strong, thanks to Sasha’s conditioning work-outs. Today’s was extra grueling, by the way. Or perhaps it’s because we all trust her to not let us fall on our heads. Or maybe it’s because after showing up month after month, we finally have enough technique under our belts to crank it up a notch. I’m guessing it’s all of the above.

We did Cradle Spins in the bracket and baseball grip, planks, fan leg sits and revisited the Crossed Knee Release (notice how Sasha is not directly under me, woo hoo!). It was scary but not terrifying and there wasn’t as much hesitation when Sasha gave us our marching orders to try something new. I’m learning to accept that the first few times I try something it’s going to look really ugly and be just a shadow of its’ future glory. There’s a lightening in my heart about the process. Either that or a week with my husband out of town has me too beaten down to care. Whatever, it feels good to not be so hard on myself.

A big bonus is that when I got home I was able to show the boys some really fabulous tricks and I was once again cool. They’ve been kicking my ass at spins lately and I had to do something to establish my place at the top of the heap. I’m sure they’ll knock me off my hill soon enough.

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