All Work and No Play Makes Vivienne A Sore Girl

Level 3 Progressive Series: 7th Class                     Saturday, April 21, 2012

I wish I could report that something spectacular happened today in my Level 3 class but I done shot myself in the foot. When Sasha helped my install my X-pole in my living room, er, Champagne Room, she left me with a parting word of advice. Don’t overdo it. I was being pretty good about it until a couple of weeks ago I realized that I am good at doing the cradle spin, as in it comes naturally to me whereas almost nothing else does. I showed it to the kids along with the Black Widow and I’ll be damned if I can’t walk into the Champagne Room without one of them demanding that I bust out a widow or a cradle spin. One thing led to another and I think I sprung a lat.

As a result I had to sit out many of the spins in class, unless it was on my left side (whoopie). We did cool stuff like ankle sits, pushing off the pole in bracket for the mermaid, and prepping for inversions from the floor and in table, but what struck me tonight was what a great mood everyone was in. Everyone was smiling and happy and completely game to try anything. The work we are doing these days is getting more and more intense and technical. I’ve still yet to get up the nerve to attempt a crossed-knee release without a spot but I saw someone else bust one out for the first time on her own and I was jumping up and down with excitement for her. Everyone clapped and it was just so thrilling to see her break through like that.

I load tested Sasha by dropping quickly out of a crossed ankle release. She wasn’t sure if I was ready to come out or if I was falling so she braced herself right underneath my butt and sure enough, she stopped my descent and I was sitting, rather bemused, on her shoulder. While I didn’t feel like I was in an emergency situation, it was reassuring to know how totally there she was for me. I think someone said to me, “I am afraid I’d crush her.” I think we put that fear to rest tonight. She’ll hold.

There were many new(er) faces in the class, being a progressive series class that welcomes drop-ins. Sasha introduced everyone and reiterated that we aren’t cliquey and we embrace and encourage new-comers. As if she needed to say that. While I completely appreciate her saying it (and the new ladies probably really appreciated it) I don’t think I would be at Boulder Spirals if it was the kind of place that was ruled by cliques. It is refreshingly free of closed social circles.

I have met so many wonderful people there and continue to do so. I got to bond with a fellow instructor the other day when we did the CPR/First Aid training together in Lakewood. On the drive down I discovered that she has a degree in biology and is an ace Scrabble player, all wrapped up in a platinum bombshell body that can work some serious magic on the pole. I have to get her to come to my husband’s Scrabble night and rattle the nerds. If things get sketchy on the boards, we can break for a little poling and destroy their game. I can’t wait!

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