She has always been the dutiful friend who was happy for me when I was happy, furious when I was furious, resolute when I was resolute, forgiving when I was forgiving. She rode shotgun knowing that this is my ride and she was going to reserve pulling the E-brake for an absolute emergency.

Shelter in place

There’s something to be said for staying busy. I had a van full of clothes and personal items from last night staring me down, with more at the big house. There was no point in putting it off, except … I woke up with an idea in my head. It was inspired by a picture […]

Magic Feather

I may end up alone but that’s a chance I’m willing to take. At least I will have tried and I imagine I will build a life for myself that – even if it doesn’t involve a relationship with someone else – hopefully will include a very satisfying and fulfilling relationship with myself.

Look at me now

Last night I was told that I was a beautiful writer but that my most recent post was almost painful to read. Welp, mission accomplished. I have no interest in humor or drunken antics or wardrobe malfunctions. I am only interested in brutal honesty with myself. I imagine it was hard to read, especially for […]

I might still be alive

Hi. I haven’t written in several months, mostly because I don’t know where to start, because there is so much. Is it okay if I just gloss over some shit and circle back later because I don’t feel like playing catch-up? I have to establish some things and I’m sorry if this is news to […]

Slow Life

I’ve noticed that I have one speed … fast. I go and go and go and then I crash. It has been pretty nonstop since I got back from Morocco, settling back into work and regular life. I like working hard, and not in some asinine work hard play hard BS, I simply enjoy the […]

Morocco Days 10 & 11: Final Days

I am grateful for that flutter of a butterfly’s wing that set off the random chain of events that brought me here. It started with seeing a repost of Jo’s bohemian interior decor on someone else’s Instagram feed feed, following her for a year on social media, then deciding to take a leap of faith to go to Morocco with her.