Greetings From the Arctic Tundra

Today isn’t a great day. I stayed an extra night in Fort Collins with the aspiration of leaving early in the morning. I woke up to -5 degrees. I suited the dogs up for the cold and stopped by the house being renovated because I left my charging cable there. I played a little fetch […]

Remodeling Progress, Puppies, and Waeli

The remodel has been underway for a little over a week and each day is a wonderful surprise. Since we are only a mile away, we stop by the house frequently to get the mail and see how it’s going. I’m always thrilled when I see progress, it still gives my sweetheart crushing stress … […]

Wrapping Up 2022

2022 is officially over. It was a good year for me and I am excited for 2023. I’ve got some great things planned but to finish 2022 I had to get through the holidays and pack up the house with My Sweetheart. This Christmas Lonny took the boys to Pittsburgh to his brother’s house where […]

A Few Things

Many updates. Let’s start with the fun (aka humiliating) one first. It started well, my car arrived! My sweetheart got me a new car and just in the nick of time! We ordered it seven months ago with the intention of getting it before my van needed $2000 in work. Why $2000? It’s an arbitrary […]