Minx is Six!

Today is Minx’s birthday, she turns six! Here’s a little Minx content. Minx is the cutest cat ever but she never bonded with me. I blame Chief. She’s very much Lonny and Casey’s cat, and she’s obsessed with Mr. Bates. Not gonna lie, I would love to moved her to My Sweetheart’s but I don’t […]

One Down, One to Go

This was a huge couple of weeks for me and my family. First, Casey turned 18! My tiny baby is now a man, I can’t believe it! It really snuck up on me. I mean, I knew he was turning 18 but at the same time it caught me completely off guard. When my kids […]

I’m Such A Mom

My boys have been getting along so much better recently, in part I’m sure because Micah very magnanimously brings Casey’s favorite sandwiches home unbidden. Micah works for Snarf’s, a sandwich shop beloved to most teenagers. He was pretty excited to get that job and I am more than happy to drive him to and from […]

Unexpected Reunion

It’s been a minute since the boys and I have visited Salt Lake City and my father and step-mom so we decided to go for a long weekend. I like traveling with my boys, always feeling like it was just yesterday when I was the woman juggling the infant and the toddler at the airport. […]