March 29, 2022

I’m taking the day to catch up with editing photos and and blogging. As usual, my mind is blank so I’ll look through photos to jog my memory. Oh! We went on our first ski weekend together. It’s actually the second but the first one was Nordic skiing so it doesn’t count (sorry Nina). We […]

Tango Lessons

One of my first memories of my sweetheart was back when he was married and performing with his then wife. Both of them were wonderful tango dancers, they even had a studio and taught classes. They incorporated tango into their pole performances and they were sooo hot. Naturally when we got together I was eager […]

Christmas 2021

I invited my sweetheart to join us for Xmas eve and his response was ambiguous enough that I took it as a no, and asked Lonny if he would like to come. Then the day before he decided he did want to go and I was confronted with a situation that makes me really uncomfortable … but sometimes it is good to push through discomfort.