Do I or Don’t I?

I was pretty stoked about this because I just got on a friend’s private message line where they post icky unsolicited dick-pics (as if there is such a thing as a solicited dick-pic) for us to laugh at and I was feeling pretty lame that I didn’t have any of my own to share because I’m old.


Inner Queef Report

I don’t know how we got on the subject of queefing but we did and MPT told me that she can queef on command and I was like, YOU BETTER PROVE IT and she was all, NO WAY! so I was like, THEN I DON’T BELIEVE YOU and she was like, YES YOU DO, YOU JUST WANT TO SECRETLY VIDEO ME DOING IT FOR YOUR BLOG and I was like, YES, THAT IS TRUE BUT I DON’T HAVE MY PHONE WITH ME so she agreed to do it.


Hair Envy

My Beautiful Dream Lover spent the weekend with us because Nina and I wanted to climb a mountain before it gets too late and since he just can’t get enough of me dragging him out of bed at 4 in the fucking morning, he came up the night before.


Welcoming the Fall

One might think that it would be hard to say goodbye to the fantasy existence that was my summer of travel, camping, and beauty, but it isn’t. That shit is exhausting and I as much as I love living in my alternate universe, I’m pretty damn happy with my real life.

My loves

Pole Theatre 2016: Why I Host

The most important thing to report is that I TOOK A LAP DANCE CLASS WITH STEVEN RETCHLESS!