Then they wrestled in the tub

Pole Theater USA, Pt 3: My Faves

I realize that Pole Theater was, like, a month ago and this is old news but as usual life gets in the way of blogging. The first reading of City Council’s draft ordinance was last week and I promised myself that I wouldn’t get caught up in excessive flailing about and gnashing of teeth. If […]


Incase You Missed the Party

Remember back when I was on the fence about throwing a fundraiser party for Itchy and Scratchy’s school PTA? Some of my more concerned readers (all 12 of you) were like, “You sound stressed out enough, why take this on?” Because I can’t say no? Anyway, I did it and it turned out great and […]

Zombie glasses. They remind me of the salad days at Marcia's house but they are impossible to clean and they tip over really easy. DONATE

So I Got Rid of Some Crap

Yes, I’ve been on a giant blogging hiatus. What can I say? It’s easy to to not write. But I like writing and I have some good shit to write about. For instance, I threw my big fundraiser and it 1) did not end in Total Financial Ruin, 2) was not a Humiliating, Sad Party where […]