Beautiful Strangers

Just a few things on this very snow day because even though it is 9am, I’ve already shoveled for an hour, walked the stupid dog, experimented with a new recipe and made a new friend. Jasmine, a lovely young lady who works(ed) at Leaf knocked on my door to say hi and tell me how […]


Draw Something. Write Something.

I know there are at least two sides to every story so I am careful about swooping in and passing judgement on whatever incursion du jour is happening, especially when I wasn’t there to personally witness it. Frankly, it would be easier to play King Solomon because the alternative is to get them to come to some kind of consensus. It is exhausting.


Dirty Old Lady

I’ve been racking my brain for the female equivalent for dirty old man and all I can come up with is cougar. Well there’s a pleasant surprise. For once the female term is a shade less derogatory than the male term. You know, like the only male word for slut is stud, which has positive connotations. Yes, cougars […]

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Parasitic Twin

I have a new friend and up to this point I have referred to her simply as “Anne” (not her real name). I used it mostly has a placeholder until something with a little more pizazz came to mind. After hanging out with her for coming on five months, I finally have the perfect internet […]


Questionable Meat

The sound of dripping at 5 in the morning can only mean one of two things: A pipe burst, or Blue wants to go out Loony has taken to calling the dog Snowpiercer after the inscrutable film of the same name. I think it has to do with the way his pee pierces into high […]

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Saucy Chickens

Ever since my friend Dawn came up with the name Poulet Rouge for the chicken coop, I have been obsessed with commissioning a painting for them. Like this … but with chickens. What better way to spend money? There is a spot by my kitchen door that has been populated by a vintage poster of Betty […]