Incase You Missed the Party

Remember back when I was on the fence about throwing a fundraiser party for Itchy and Scratchy’s school PTA? Some of my more concerned readers (all 12 of you) were like, “You sound stressed out enough, why take this on?” Because I can’t say no? Anyway, I did it and it turned out great and […]

Zombie glasses. They remind me of the salad days at Marcia's house but they are impossible to clean and they tip over really easy. DONATE

So I Got Rid of Some Crap

Yes, I’ve been on a giant blogging hiatus. What can I say? It’s easy to to not write. But I like writing and I have some good shit to write about. For instance, I threw my big fundraiser and it 1) did not end in Total Financial Ruin, 2) was not a Humiliating, Sad Party where […]

Deep, calming breaths

I Can’t Write Anything That Isn’t Angry

I’m up to my twitching eyelids in local politics as I defend my livelihood from the deaf ears of City Council who have deemed renting out rooms in my licensed and inspected house on AirBnB and VRBO to be “socially unjust.” That’s a quote. Perhaps they need a reminder about what social injustice actually looks like. […]


Crazy Eye & CATtachment Parenting

I would forget 90% of the shit that happens to me if it weren’t for my phone. Perhaps it wouldn’t be the worst thing to let the minutae of my life pass right though, but I must say that sometimes checking my phone feels like Christmas. First there is the Jack Russell who stakes out […]


I’m Getting That Spooky Feeling

I found the bed that I wanted for my guest room on Craigslist today. One that would replace the Frankenbed that I hate. It was a simple enough listing and the pictures looked good. Very legit. I found someone to take the Frankenbed off my hands for free (so long sucker!) and headed down to Longmont […]


Frozen Fat Update

It has been exactly 10 days since I got my fat frozen and I thought I’d post a little update aka put off cleaning toilets and walking the dog because: I don’t feel like taking off my socks so I can scrub the shower and It’s really snowy and icy See? It has been snowing […]


Offensive Tet

I have been in the foulest, most craptastic mood ever. I’m not exactly sure why (well, I might have a few ideas) but suffice to say that I am unfit to be around other people. Heck, I’m even a little scared of myself. I think it might be because I haven’t been working out at […]

Sorry babe.

The World’s Shittiest Chicken Waterer Can’t Bring Me Down

I am covered in raw egg and dripping wet with chicken poop tinged water. But I’m not mad. I’m happier than I’ve been in a really long time. I was ready to write a profanity laden post about why I hate my heated chicken waterer – and I’ll try to work up a good head […]